My name is Kevin J. McNamara. (aka Kevin Mac), the creator of “Change Your Mind About You. ” I am the oldest of five children and grew up in a modest suburban neighborhood. I spent most of my carefree childhood playing sports and games, building tree forts, and doing as little school work as I could get away with.

I have been an avid soccer player, a practicing mechanical engineer, a home-schooling father, a religious education teacher and administrator, a high school math teacher, and a self-employed power equipment repair technician. I have been a devoted student of the Bible for more than 30 years, and served as a local church leader during most that time. I take great joy in my two children and two grandchildren and enjoy dancing 2 to 3 times per week.

Most of what I have listed above is what I have done in life. But it does not describe who I am. The human tendency is to equate who we are either with what we’ve accomplished or with how others have assessed our abilities in the past. But neither of those define who we are. The purpose of “Change Your Mind About You” is to help you to awaken to who you are – your true identity. Come travel with me on this wonderful journey of discovery. There are many happy surprises in store for us to share with one another.